We have been in our shiny new space on Pico and Hauser for about a month now, and things are changing fast. We’re still the same LGS you know and love, but if you haven’t swung by the shop lately, we’ve made some improvements.

  1. Parking! Yes, in the heart of LA, parking is worth its weight in gold. Not only do we have 9 spaces right in front of the store, we now have underground parking as well. Although downstairs space is limited to 24 spots, all other businesses in the Pico and Hauser complex close after 6PM–conveniently an hour or so before most of our late night events begin! And if that’s not enough, there’s plenty of metered parking surrounding the store as well as (gasp!) residential parking in the area.
  2. More space! Okay, so technically at 2000+ square feet, this store doesn’t LOOK much bigger than the old space (although the very hip 12 foot high exposed wood ceilings help), we’ve maximized our table space so all levels of nerddom can live together in harmony. That’s right! We can handle FNM, tabletop RPGs, and a casual game or two of Warhammer all at the same time. We now have dedicated tables for both our tournament space and throwing down a casual game with friends. No reservations required for free play–find an open table and you’re good to go!
  3. New neighbors! While it is a bit sad to leave our friends on Wilshire like Busby’s East, Vees’ Cafe and Yuko Kitchen, we are now right next door to Alfredo’s Pizza–where you can get a slice of pizza for as little as $2.75 a slice as late into the night as you like. We’ve also heard tell that The Chocolate Cafe II on our other side is going to start opening later, if coffee’s more your thing…
  4. Discord! Yes, you heard right…Next Gen Games now has its own official Discord! Now, for those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about, have no fear–Discord is essentially a chat room for all our customers to come together, be they Planeswalkers, D&D adventurers, X-Wing rebels, Pokemon gym leaders, Warhammer armchair generals, and anyone else interested in what we’re up to. Here you can request table space, find that bit your miniature is missing, look for someone interested in playing an IRL game, ask ruling questions, and even challenge Eddie to a game of Smash (not for the weak of heart!). This Discord has all that and SO MUCH MORE–so click here to join us and jump right in!

So what’s the big news for Next Gen moving forward? Well, we are working on a big overhaul of both our website and our card sorting system, so you’ll see those changes roll out over the next few weeks. Don’t worry–the main way this overhaul will be affecting our customers is that we will be able to pull cards for you more efficiently and quicker than ever.

We’re also more focused than ever on keeping our customers updated on any and all changes we make. In spirit, we’re still the same little shop that moved into our home on 5360 Wilshire 5 years ago, just with a lot more polish. See you soon!