Hey Guys!

We got some GREAT news. After 5 years at our location on Wilshire, we are moving. Why? Because you guys didn’t like our parking, we didn’t either. Our new space, which is a brand new build, has underground parking. The space is limited to 24 spaces, but after 6:00pm, all other business in the complex will close freeing all the space for our FNM and other late night events. On top of that, there are an additional 9 spaces up top, metered parking all around, and residential parking is allowed!

The Space boost; 12ft high wood exposed ceilings, concrete floors, large ADA compliant bathroom and is in a nice 2000+ sqft box space. This should allow more comfortable seating for our loyal players.

Our new neighbors include Alfredo’s Pizza which serves pizza for as little as $2.75 for a large slice. A cafe that serves healthy and tasty food, and a music lessons for the musically inclined.

The space is very close to our current location. The cross streets are Pico & Hauser.

We really hope you are as excited as we are to build out the space to make it the best Magic, Warhammer, Pokemon, Board Game Shop around.

If you want to help make the new space as good as it can be, you can support us two ways. One, by coming into our shop and getting all the games and supplies you can which is the preferred method. Two, If you want to support us by making small donations to help directly with the build out, press the Paypal link below and donate what you feel comfortable giving. We will account for all money donated this way to make specific improvements to the space like nicer tables, monitors, and more.