June 2, 2017 @ 7:30 pm – 11:45 pm
Next-Gen Video Games
Next-Gen Games 5450 Pico Blvd Ste. 103 Los Angeles CA 90019 USA
Next-Gen Video Games
(323) 938-3400

Friday Night Magic is here! Get your FNM promos and your Booster Draft fix at Next-Gen every Friday. Registration starts at 5PM, event starts at 7:30PM. Entry is $15, which includes 3 booster packs.

Infinite drafts are here! For just $15, pay once and draft forever! That is, if you have the skill…

Each match you win gets you one booster pack in prizes. Get first or second in your pod (of 8), and your next draft at the store is free. (Instead of packs, you receive a Free Draft Coupon.)

Here’s an example, using an 8-person pod:

1st: Brian (3 Match wins) – 3 Boosters OR one free draft coupon
2nd: Alice (2 Match Wins) – 2 Boosters OR one free draft coupon
3rd: Bill (2 Match Wins, 1 Draw) – 2 Boosters
4th: Cindy (2 Match Wins) – 2 Boosters
5th: Jacob (1 Match Win, 1 Draw) – 1 Booster
6th: Joe (1 Match Win) – 1 Booster
7th: Jenny (1 Match Win) – 1 Booster
8th: Adele (0 Match Wins) – 0 Boosters

You can use your free draft for any regular draft event we offer (excluding special drafts such as Masters sets); pay once, draft forever!


  • All of our tournaments are Swiss (every player plays every round) unless otherwise noted.
  • In addition to the draft round, players will participate in 3 Swiss rounds with their new Limited decks.
  • Rounds are 50 minutes long.
  • For this draft, prize support is a pack per round win, and for every 4 entries into the draft, a Free Draft Coupon is given out to the top overall (across all pods) after 3 rounds.
  • Pairings are not cross-pod; you only play your rounds against members of your pod.
  • For the tournament, we give out prizes based on the prize structure listed above. In addition, we will give out one promo pack to our first place winner.

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