May 3, 2019 @ 8:00 pm – 11:00 pm
Next-Gen Games
5450 Pico Blvd Ste. 103 Los Angeles
CA 90019
Juan Manuel-Rocha
(323) 938-3400

Welcome to Next-Gen’s latest addition to the FNM lineup, Brawl! For those not in the know, Brawl is a standard-only version of the commander format, and we’re excited to add it to our weekly roster. More info on the rules can be found at the Wizards website here.

This will be a fairly casual event, much like our commander tournaments on Monday and Wednesday nights. So if you think you’re the Belle Of The Brawl, drop in and join us!

  • Event is $5.
  • Rounds are Swiss paired (all players play all rounds), and round count differs with the number of players (8 or less = 3 rounds, 9-15 = 4 rounds, 16+ = 5 rounds, etc…)
  • All entry fees enter the prize pool to be paid out in store credit to the top third of players overall (for example, 15 players = $75 credit in the prize pool, given amongst the top 5).