May 24, 2020 @ 1:00 pm – 6:30 pm
Next-Gen Games
5450 Pico Blvd Ste. 103 Los Angeles
CA 90019
Next-Gen Games
(323) 938-3400

Want to play sealed? Come on down to Next-Gen every Sunday for a $25 sealed!

PLEASE NOTE: Starting 5/3, we will be raising the price of our Sealed tournament from $20 to $25–however, the added cost won’t be without an added benefit to our players. Instead of the current prize structure where each added player puts more prize packs into a pool, we’ll be moving to a pack per round win structure just like our draft events! So if you only manage to eke out a single win (or a bye!), you won’t be walking away empty-handed.

General Event Info:
• All of our tournaments are Swiss (every player plays every round) unless otherwise noted.
• Rounds are determined by the number of players that attend (4 or more players is 3 rounds, 9+ is 4 rounds, 16+ is 5 rounds.) We never play more than 5 rounds.
• Rounds are 50 minutes long.
• For each event, we will give out packs equal to the number of players that attend. That means if we get 32 people, we’ll give it out 32 packs in prizes, etc. Prizes are in any in-print booster. (Player’s Choice)