October 2, 2017 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Next-Gen Games
5450 Pico Blvd Ste 103 Los Angeles CA 90019
Jordan Lyric

Welcome, traveller! At our Starfinder Society, you will find like-minded individuals looking for the next opportunity out in solar system. Play in the Starfinder Society Roleplaying Guild is organized into Seasons, throughout which the actions and achievements of you and your fellow Society agents create an ongoing storyline. Each season takes place across scenarios set in a variety of exotic locales across the world of Starfinder. Irregardless of your own roleplaying experience, the Society welcomes everyone to enjoy and explore this new frontier with friends and strangers alike.

Current season: Year of Scoured Stars

The Starfinder Society is on the brink of ruin, having had to resort of mercenaries to maintain their hold on claimed planetoids, stellar regions, and archeological sites. After training to join a new cadre of Starfinders, it is up to you as a member of the Starfinder Society to help restore the organization. The Starfinder Society, with memories of the Scoured Stars incident still fresh, embarks on the quest to rebuild and discover the truth of what happened in the inaugural season: Year of Scoured Stars!

  • Entry is free.
  • There is a table limit of 7 players, excluding the GM.
  • The adventures run are part of a single, concurrent campaign season. Participants may benefit from returning every week, but it is not required. Participants may join at any time.
  • We expect all participants to conduct themselves appropriately, with regard to basic human decency, and we reserve the right to remove players from this event who willfully ignore this request.