Hey y’all – there’s a whole lot abrew with Dominaria season, from significant game overhauls to new formats, and there’s plenty of freshness going on here at Next-Gen surrounding its release! I’ll outline the points and then explain in further detail:

  1. FNM Standard officially returns April 27th
  2. Standard Showdown moves from Sat afternoons to Mon evenings
  3. Double store credit for the first month of Dominaria Standard events
  4. Challenger Deck Only tourney on April 8th
  5. A fourth day of weekly Modern appears: Saturdays at 12pm noon, starting in May
  6. Modern Staples every dang month
  7. New format, Brawl! What should we do?
  8. Next-Gen Studio? Whaaaaat?
  9. Preorder a Dominaria box and pick it up a week early – special promotion!
  10. FNM promo cards return in a big way
  11. Other upcoming MTG DOM events

1. Friday Night Magic: Standard is officially back starting with Dominaria’s release, April 27th. The Casual Standard we set up as a trial run this season has gone very well, and we’re excited to bring it back as our official third FNM format! Come sling some Standard and claim those beautiful new FNM promo cards for yourself…

2. Standard Showdown is moving from Saturday afternoons to Monday evenings at 7:30pm. Essentially, our preexisting Monday Standard is now under the Showdown banner for six weeks out of the season. For those six weeks we’ll be giving away Showdown boosters as well! Showdown season for Dominaria is from May 7 through June 11.

3. Like last season, for the first month of Dominaria Standard, store credit payout is doubled on both Mondays and Fridays! This runs from DOM release until June, giving you 10 events to capitalize on that sweet, sweet value. Each $5 entry will add $10 to the prize pool!

4. Challenger Decks are coming on April 6th, a competitive and value-packed Standard deck right out of the box for pretty dang cheap. On Sunday, April 8th @ 12:00pm, we’re doing a Challenger Deck Only tournament where you can win store credit to start tricking out your new deck! Entry is free if you purchase the deck from us, or if you have a Challenger Deck already, you can enter for $5. It’s paid out like a normal Constructed event to the top third, each entrant adding $5 to the prize pool. Come grab a deck and play! Details…
(BTW, it’s worth mentioning that our RIX Store Championship Standard tournament is the day before, and you could also enter that with a Challenger Deck!)

5. Naturally, moving Standard Showdown frees up our Saturday schedule a little, so I’m very excited to announce a fourth day of weekly Modern at Next-Gen @ 12:00pm, starting with the month of May! Yes, that is some time away still, but we’ll kick it off with something special to be announced later. Starting in May, you’ll be able to play Modern on both Saturdays and Sundays here! (Plus the usual Tuesday and Friday nights!)

6. Speaking of Modern, for the time being, our Monthly Staples events will always be Modern (they will also always be at 12pm noon). This month’s is tomorrow, the 24th, and the prizes are awesome! April’s is Saturday the 14th. This is not to say we won’t sometime do another Legacy, or even something like a Commander staples (thinking emoji), but we’re blessed with a great collection of Modern staples and an enormous Modern community, so it only makes sense to keep the cards flowing every month. (Note: Once a month, the staples event will replace the 2pm Saturday or Sunday Modern. Our schedule is sometimes pretty full!)

7. Let’s talk Brawl. Wizards has announced a brand-new casual format, Brawl, which is sort of a modified Standard-only Commander, but with 30 life, 60 card singleton decks, and the ability to use legendary creatures or planeswalkers (in Standard) as your Commander. We’re thrilled to get started with this format as soon as possible, but first, we’re looking for feedback – what would you want from a Brawl event at our store? A best-of-1 Swiss tournament format would be easy to run for this format (and not totally busted like 1v1/Duel Commander), but would you rather play one-on-one competitively or just casually in a group, like regular Commander? Let us know! Either way, Thursday is the likely day for Brawl to happen, but the specifics need to be ironed out.

8. We will be streaming lots of events in our new Studio! What studio? What streaming? Stay tuned! Have any ideas for streaming, or want to join the Next-Gen streaming team? Let us know. More info on that will be announced soon!

9. You could get Dominaria a week early! Wizards is trying something new where you can actually pick up a preordered booster box during prerelease weekend, complete with unique promo-only Buy-A-Box promos for each box, while supplies last! Ours are open already for $88.99. Obviously, beyond this, Dominaria is still not on sale until the following Friday, April 27th.

10. FNM promo cards return! This time, we can give them out as we see fit at Friday Night Magic, rather than being tied to months. Each event will have a weekly rotation of which promo you can receive: for example, one week might have Modern Opt, Draft Shanna, and Standard Cast Down, but the next week would change. Each week there will be five promos in each event – two to 1st and 2nd place, two at random, plus one wildcard random (where you might not necessarily get that week’s promo!). We will post this schedule of promos well ahead of time.
Ex: The Modern promo is Opt for this example week. At the end of the tournament, the top two receive Opts, and two participants chosen at random also receive Opts. Then another random participant receives a random promo among the three options… perhaps a Cast Down!

11. Other events worth mentioning
* RIX Store Championship (Standard) is on Saturday, April 7th at 12:00pm – come get a shiny promo from the upcoming set and win a unique Champion playmat! You could enter with a Challenger Deck, even!
* Dominaria Open House is the Sunday before the Prerelease, April 15th, and is a day for new players to come learn Magic, as well as a day for you to bring all your Magic-curious friends. If you are new, or if you bring a new friend to learn, you will receive a beautiful full-art Llanowar Elves promo!
* And of course, the Dominaria Prerelease is the weekend of Sat-Sun, April 21st-22nd – we’ll have our online pre-registration open within a couple of weeks. Same events as always: Midnight after FNM, 10am/4pm Saturday, 12pm/3pm Sunday, and the 6pm Two-Headed Giant on Sunday as well!

If you have any questions or comments about any of these things, please drop us a line! You can hit up our Facebook page, Facebook MTG group, or just email us.

[Also, as a general meta thing, I will be updating this ol’ blog every now and then with news batches like this one. Stay tuned! –Hunter]