We’ve made some changes to our weekly schedule, both to Magic events and others! Don’t be caught off guard in May and onwards – here’s the changes we’re making, all of which should be reflected on our online calendar.

  1. Standard Showdown on Monday nights at 7:30pm ($5), with doubled store credit payout ($10/person) until June! This is a change from formerly Saturday afternoon. FNM Standard also has DOUBLE payout until June!
  2. Modern on Saturdays at 12:00pm noon ($5). Once a month, this will be superseded by Modern Staples! We’re now hosting FOUR Modern days per week (Tues/Fri night, Sat/Sun day).
  3. Brawl (casual play) on Thursday evenings, 7:00pm-close (free!). Come try out the new “Standard Commander” format everyone’s hyped about! We will also probably have some Brawl players during our Wednesday night Commander. I might have some old promos to give away, too…
  4. Pokemon TCG League on Mondays and Thursdays, 7:00pm ($5 for the tournament). Eddie is working hard to codify tournament structures for each night; feel free also to show up a little earlier for casual Pokemon play.
  5. Yu-Gi-Oh! is gone, primarily to make room for more Pokemon events, but also due to slowed attendance. We will still be selling sealed product for the game, as always.
  6. Star Wars Legion casual play on Thursday nights alongside X-Wing, 6:30pm-close (free!). Feel free to also arrange game meetups on our Wargaming Group on Facebook.